screenshotKelsey Dickeson is a Windy City native pursuing studies in broadcast journalism and multimedia communications at Ball State University …. Famously the alma mater of David Letterman. She will be graduating in May 2018, and is currently on the hunt for a job as a reporter at a TV news station. Someday, Kelsey hopes to work at the national level as a foreign correspondent.

In 2016 she completed an internship at WFLD – Fox 32 News in Chicago.  A weekly journal describing that experience can be found on her Fox Chicago page.

Kelsey participated in an Immersive Learning Project at Ball State that studied methamphetamine abuse in Delaware County, Indiana.

On this site you’ll find a variety of video reports from NewsLink Indiana, and photos taken for The Daily News.  You can also read a selection of written work that was either published in The Daily News or prepared for class projects.

Aside from spending time in the classroom or newsroom, Kelsey can usually be found performing with the Ball State Symphony Orchestra, or hanging out with her Pi Beta Phi sorority sisters.

Feel free to send Kelsey an email at Kelsey@Dickeson.email with any questions or ideas.

You can also find Kelsey on LinkedIn.

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